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For the past seven (07) years we have literally moved thousands of people, safely and reliably, to and from their destinations across South Africa in our fleet of luxury and semi-luxury buses. Moonfire is well positioned to continue to make a positive contribution to road based public transport in Gauteng through partnering with all stakeholders in realizing government’s vision of making transport the heartbeat of South Africa’s economic growth and social development At Moonfire Bus Services we pride ourselves on our 07 years accident free record but still enjoy R 10 000 000 passenger insurance on our vehicles as well as the necessary public liability cover and comprehensive insurance on all our buses. We pride ourselves on service excellence as not only is our name and reputation at stake, but the names and reputations of our partners as well. We take pride in the quality, safety and comfort of our modern buses. Moonfire Bus Services specializes in providing passenger transport and logistics solutions to a diverse range of business sectors. It offers the market a cost effective and safe travelling experience.




Our Drivers

1) Our Drivers are careful selected
2) We have a zero tolerance smoking zone and alcohol consumption policy to our buses, which starts with our drivers and the rest of our staff.
3) All our drivers undertaken our compulsory driver’s training programme which emphasizes development in areas of road safety, healthy living, first aid and effective communication.
4) Our drivers are all medically tested to ensure that they remain healthy and alert on the road at all times.
5) No criminal offense
6) Have valid drivers license
7) Have PDP
8) With more than five (5) years driving experience
Moonfire effectively responds to all passenger transport service needs from various industries such as educational institutions trips, religious group travelling, company staff transport, tourism group trip, industrial transport needs or political groups, of our economy. stress free bus hire services.

Moonfire specializes in the safe, reliable, on time, and cost effective movement of passengers. Our experience in dealing with a large number of group transport knows no limit. Should you struggle with a reliable passenger transport service company, consider Moonfire for a stress free bus hire services.


Moonfire strives to deliver outstanding transport services with staff that is well motivated and trained to be the best in the passenger transport industry. Providing safe, affordable and reliable transportation
Moonfire Transport service also respond to:
- Bus Private hire
- Long term Bus contracts
- Airport transfers
- Schools and church Bookings
- Long distance hire
- Staff Bus transport
- Commuter services
- Bus Special hires
- Long distance services
- Shuttle services




A student who sees, touches and smells historical relics, ancient artifacts and original sources of text becomes motivated to learn more in depth when he returns to the classroom. Educational tours stimulate learning beyond what textbooks and videos can provide to the learning environment. This is not to say that all Educational tours are equally stimulating, but those excursions that are well-designed result in higher levels of academic achievement in every subject of study. Moonfire School tours department was established to fully focus on organizing educational, leadership and adventure tours and excursions is perfectly positioned to provide five star tours through qualified, trained, registered and experienced staff who can meet the educational needs and goals of any school. Our tour department creates opportunities for student to think out of the box and see things and places that are not usually seen in their normal environment

Educational Tours

Fun Tours

Adventure Tours


35 Seater Bus

14 Seater Toyota Quantum

21 Seater Sprinter bus

50 Seater full Luxuary

60 seater Luxury (Star luxury bus)

65 seater bus (Semi-luxury bus)

Over the years we have successfully executed a number of group bus hire projects for church groups, Political parties, Human rights unions, Educational trips, corporate companies (Staff bus hire) and event bus shuttle services for both Government and Private Sector. We are looking forward to your next booking with us and we believe we can succeed in meeting all your expectations.


TELL : 011 071 1632
CELL : 072 827 7705

Our Buses

1) Roadworthy
2) Well maintenance ( Service Plan)
3) Insured
4) Cloth Seats
5) Air flow ventilation / Air corn
6) SABS Approved
7) Modernized
8) Parcel Racks
9) Radio
10) In Good Condition
11) Luggage compartments



We offer Superior Cleaning Services to Businesses, Institutions and Government. We ensure your complete hygiene indoor and outdoor with quality cleaning service.

Moonfire Bus Services specializes in the safe, reliable, on time, and cost effective movement of passengers with buses, which are : Roadworthy, Insured, Clean, SABS approved, Modernized and in Good condition. Contact us now for a Professional bus hire in and around Gauteng Province.!
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Moonfire Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve quality goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. We have successfully executed a number of projects for the government and private sector.

Moonfire Security Services is a leading corporate, personal and asset security systems provider in Gauteng Province.. Trust us for the quality security services for your peace of mind. “Moonfire Security Services – To serve and protect”.

What makes us different
*Moonfire is one stop shop Bus company in Johannesburg
* Non-discriminating *Always accommodating
*Prompt and reliable bus hire company
* Trustworthy *Effective in crises and emergency situations
* Forming great relationship with all parties involved
*We always on time
*No Bus breakdowns
*Insured bus services *All our buses are roadworthy
*All drivers have PDP